Where there is evil…

Michaela Herald is half human/half angel and she sealed her fate when she signed a contract with Satan in exchange for saving her life. She doesn’t mind being his assassin because ridding the world of evil serves mankind. What she doesn’t understand is why Satan needs her to do it. Her next assignment is to kill a doctor experimenting on children. This time, she’s going to find out what Satan’s hiding.

There is deception…

Widower and fishing guide Brock Dalgaard has lost most of his family and now leukemia is endangering his young daughter. When a group of guys hire him for a weekend fishing trip, Brock discovers they’re not who they say they are. They’ve come to find an angel. She’s the same person he hired to help handle tackle for the weekend. An angel who is hellbent on killing his daughter’s doctor.

And time is running out…

Brock insists on helping Michaela investigate the doctor. They’ll need to rely on strangers in order to put the pieces together quickly. But will it be in time to save his little girl’s life?


Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences only; sexually explicit sex scenes



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