Aedyn Brooks is an award-winning author who feeds her spreadsheet-addicted psyche by day (aka data-driven ninja), and crafts wicked paranormal romances at night.

After living most of her life in haunted houses, Aedyn decided to share her terrifying, and sometimes funny, experiences with ghosts by crafting Haunted Romances in her debut Grave Intentions series. One thing she learned from an early age is that the dead can be our greatest ally, especially in our darkest hours.

The Grave Intention series is composed of full-length paranormal romance novels that are stand-alone books. Each book builds on the other and there are repeat appearances of main characters, but each story is complete as is.

Aedyn calls the Pacific Northwest home. She loves suburbia living with a postage-stamp sized yard, with one of her three grown children. She enjoys spending time with family and babysitting her granddaughter. Being a grandmother is the bestest ever!

An additional passion of Aedyn’s is helping writers by sharing resources, tips, and tricks. She’s created a Character Development and Backstory Management worksheet as a way to organize and create well-rounded characters and hopes you may find it helpful.  Another tool Aedyn created was a cradle to grave story publishing checklist. It’s still in development stages, but you’re welcome to review and use. You can email Aedyn at for the Excel versions of these two useful tools.

Aedyn currently belongs to The Paranormal Romance Guild and Florida Star Fiction Writers.

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