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Growing up in a haunted house in the middle of suburbia influenced Aedyn Brooks’ life and fueled her imagination. One thing she learned from an early age is that the dead can be a great ally, especially in her darkest hours. When it came to writing, she couldn’t help but share this extraordinary world with her readers. That world beyond the veil many are curious about.

Aedyn lives in the Pacific Northwest, working in Human Resources for a fortune 500 company. A big supporter of our military, Aedyn has helped our soldiers return to the civilian world after serving our great country and melding into today’s diverse workplace. It’s not an easy transition. She knows a lot about transitions. Reinventing oneself isn’t easy, but the will to survive and thrive can be conquered.

Believing that volunteering is a great way to give back to others, she is also involved in her local chapters of Romance Writers of America. She has served as the conference and registration chair for the Emerald City Writers Conference and has coordinated the Emerald City Opener and Beau Monde’s Royal Ascot writing contests. 

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